Week in Review

Well it has been an interesting week with Crawshaw taking a beating on Thursday and with a lacklustre performance from other holdings, it means the portfolio is down 0.76% on the week (though I must say I dont have complete faith in my calculations, Stockopedia is not very good for keeping a record of portfolio changes/performance). Not a disaster but….  On top of that I am not sure  what the hell I was doing in CRAW and maybe the decision to top up after the fall was a mistake but it is done and I will wait to see what comes out over the coming months.  I shall be watching very carefully but I am happy to give the management time (years) to get the roll out and therefore profits back on track.

For the record the following stocks in my portfolio were up 2% or more on the week:

  • AVON – 14.20%
  • SOM – 6.53%
  • AVAP – 4.90%
  • FIF – 3.41%
  • AVS – 2.50%

and the following were down 2% or more

  • CRAW – 48.%
  • EMR – 7.73%
  • BKG – 5.69%
  • BDEV – 3.75%
  • LTHM – 2.59%

Only 2 (AVS and BDEV) of my 8 largest holdings which make up 75% of the portfolio moved more than 2%.

As an aside I have decided that as soon as I have inputed my portfolio transactions into Sharepad (a fairly mammoth task as unbelievably they have no import facility) I will publish the portfolio on a quarterly basis. 


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