I am definitely a value investor! I am not sure when I discovered Warren Buffett, margin of safety and intrinsic value but I feel that I have known about him and these concepts for decades. It is, though, probably a matter of years but I have been watching the talking heads on CNBC (there is some useful stuff amongst all the noise) for 20 years.

I have spent the last seven years trying to understand value investing and how I can apply to it to myself. You might say that this is a long time but this has been at the same time that I have (with the help of my wife) tripled the size of my business and taken it from being hugely loss making to being (touch wood) very profitable.

So what is my philosophy?

– Value

– UK and US

– No or little debt

– hold for three to ten years

– management is very important

– number of holdings less than 15